TaylorDesign.net is a brand new site for a business I’ve been operating since the late 1990’s. Taylor Design was originally a side business through which I published shareware applications at the domain taylor-design.com. As the years went by I took on an increasing number of clients and software projects. And as that happened I spent less and less time on my own shareware.

I never really updated taylor-design.com to reflect the changes. The site stagnated until I finally took most of the pages down. The only pages I left running were for TextSpresso, a product in maintenance mode which still has a loyal fan base. And which will be revived soon.

When I grabbed the taylordesign.net domain name I decided it was time for a completely new site to encompass the entire business, and to showcase some of the projects Taylor Design has been involved in over the years. This site will also serve as a jump point for current and future software projects, and a platform for me to personally blog about technology.

And so the change is complete. Welcome to TaylorDesign.net.

If you were a List Pad or TextSpresso 1.0 user you just might remember this:
The site header for taylor-design.com in 1998.

Blast from the Past - Taylor Design in 1998