It has been a long time since I have touched the code base for TextSpresso or issued any updates. Way too long in fact. TextSpresso has become one of those projects that has sat on a shelf (so to speak) while I tell myself that I’ll get back to it any day now. And life has a way of slipping by while you’re not paying attention.

This means that TextSpresso is not notarized to run on the latest versions of macOS. On top of that, the users who remain have reported numerous issues and glitches that seem to have popped up with age. Subtle changes in API behavior may not crash a program but can still result in quirky behavior. (Example: mouse wheel scrolling has degraded quite a bit since 2013.)

It has been a long time since TextSpresso has been a commercially viable application. Much of the need for it has dissipated as the computing world has evolved. But it’s still a project that I love and one that some people continue to benefit from.

Since I am torn about what direction I will take TextSpresso in version 4, I think it’s time to dust off the version 3 code base, update it, and get it notarized. I might even upgrade some of the “temporary” UI elements that I’ve never cared for after the port from Prograph CPX to Xojo. None of which is Xojo’s fault. Simply me thinking I would get back to temporary solutions in a timely fashion.

So after…years…there will be a new version of TextSpresso soon. No major changes, and no expectations on my part that a v3 update will set the world on fire. But it will at least stabilize things while I move forward on v4.

If you’re a die hard TextSpresso user, keep your fingers crossed….