Web Custom Controls for Xojo

Xojo Web allows Xojo developers to create highly interactive, fully AJAX web applications while working entirely in the Xojo language. No HTML, CSS, or JavaScript required. However, this means that popular JavaScript controls cannot simply be dropped into a Xojo Web project. To support the level of integration required controls must have a bridge of client side JavaScript and server side Xojo code.

Released on May 21, 2012, Web Custom Controls was the first commercially available library of new controls for Xojo Web (then known as Real Studio Web Edition). Taylor Design created a complete framework of Xojo and JavaScript code to support the integration of new controls, and did so before the announcement or release of the official SDK. Our framework implements a sophisticated client-to-server event handler plus support for synchronizing client controls to server state. Web Custom Control users receive this framework plus 19 new controls ready to use in their Xojo Web projects.

Web Custom Controls has grown over the years to include both new controls and a rich set of classes for manipulating styles directly from Xojo without having to write CSS. Taylor Design has been working on integrating the WCC framework with the new Xojo Web Control SDK; upgrading the existing controls; and preparing even more controls for release 2.0.

To learn more about Web Custom Controls or to purchase a license, visit the Web Custom Controls web site.