TextSpresso Demos & Purchasing

You may demo TextSpresso for free for up to 30 days. During that time period there are no restrictions on features or on saving files. If you have any questions or experience any problems, please let us know.

Registered users: you can download the latest version using the same links. If TextSpresso tells you that you need an updated key, simply contact us with your name and original registration email and we will send you a new key.

Historical Archive: We no longer support these versions, but they’re still available for those of you who like to build and restore classic Macs.

TextSpresso 3.1b1 for Mac OS X – any Intel Mac running Mac OS 10.5 or higher.

TextSpresso 3.0b2 for Windows – any PC running Windows 98 or higher.

TextSpresso 2.2 for Mac OS – for versions of Mac OS X prior to 10.5.

TextSpresso 1.9 for Mac OS – for Power Macs running Mac OS 8 or 9.

TextSpresso 1.8.2 for Mac OS – for 68K Macs running System 7.5 or higher (68040 or fast 68030).